late october

Late October. Most rivers are closing down. The Brown trout are on Redds. So are the Bull trout. We had our first significant snowfall the other day.

Bruce on pool 85, last Fall

Recently I fished a Cutthroat stream several times with a friend, Bruce. Below are some photos from this season and also last Fall when we visited some of the same rivers. When fishing with Bruce I cover several pools to get a few good trout. Bruce generally stays on one pool and catches many. An outstanding, versatile angler. My dog Abby also enjoys his company as he always brings her a bag of treats.

bruce nymphing
Bruce wading deep
Bruce last Fall, small stream
one of Bruce’s Cutthroats, photo by Bruce
cutthroat, photo by Bruce
photo by Bruce

The photos below are of another outing this Fall where I was privileged to be guided by Vic Bergman owner of the famous Crowsnest Angler Fly Shop: ( I worked part-time at his iconic Fly Shop this season and last, and he generously treated me to a day on a British Columbia Cutthroat stream. He stayed in the background and took some action shots and a few fish photos which I fully appreciated as I generally fish alone, and therefore don’t get that type of photo perspective on my blog. Many thanks to him for the day and memorable shots.

fishing a tail-out riser, photo Vic Bergman
hook-set, photo Vic Bergman
landing one, photo V. Bergman
photo V. Bergman
cutthroat stream, photo V. Bergman
nice cutthroat, photo V. Bergman

10 thoughts on “late october

  1. Hi Bob,

    I hope Pool 85 will be there for a long time. Bruce knows how to catch fish, that’s for sure. I don’t think I did any “guiding” the day we went out. I just stood back and watched. You knew what you were doing. It was probably the easiest guiding trip I have done. It was a fun day!


  2. Great post Bob. Big, strong looking, and healthy fish. Bruce really is a jack of all trades, and a master too. Beautiful BC cutthroat in the last picture. Lower stretch? I think the snow is here for good now. See you next year!


  3. Daniel: Thanks for comments. Yes, lower stretch…you know that creek well. You probably have figured out a way to book it for next yr. You probably have 10 days booked and an equal number on the Wig. You are probably camping riverside right now…with a box of freshly tied bull trout flies. Graduate yet? Because if you have, I need a bridge designed and built. Hope you and family all well. Last day for me at shop. Hope Vic can handle it on his own, ha!

    • It looked like a nice spot to spend an afternoon. Long flat stretch like the spring creek pool on the SC. I can’t wait to get my hands on some licenses for next year. We should try and book a day on either creeks for next summer. Hopefully your internet is good enough to hold up against the influx of Washingtonians willing to spend half a million dollars to get a month on the wig. Anyways, have fun on last day.

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