Special blogs

Here are a few great blogs that I follow regularly. They are about places I’ve fished, or hope to visit and fish.

http://www.vicbergman.com/blog/   It’s about photography, nature, landscapes, history, things old and fly fishing in SW Alberta. The camera lens is always focused on the beautiful Crowsnest Pass. A blog by a talented photographer and owner of the Crowsnest Angler fly shop.

http://www.jims-wanderings.blogspot.com/   A blog about dry fly fishing the best of the  American west. Jim wanders around all summer long, and well into the fall, tossing dries on famous, and not so famous (secret), flat water rivers and demanding spring creeks. He dupes trout wherever he goes. The Ted Williams of dry fly angling. I check in often and drool.

http://www.truttablog.com/    Fly fishing for trout in majestic South Africa. Great landscapes and streams, and the author ties amazing flies

http://www.theignorantangler.com …It’s unpretentious. It’s humorous. It’s about fly fishing. It’s about nature. Always thoughtful and intelligent…never ignorant. Great pics

http://www.spiritstreamsflyfishing.com  …site captures the beauty of fly fishing the small spring creeks of the Driftless region Wisconsin

http://firstcastflyfishing.blogspot.com  … flexible, personal, affordable, top notch guide service in Patagonia, Argentina

http://headhuntersflyshop.com  …best river report on fly fishing the Missouri river, Monta

http://achalabrookies.wordpress.com  …the pursuit of brook trout in a traditional way in beautiful Pampa de Achala, central Argentina

6 thoughts on “Special blogs

  1. Thank you so much for putting my blog Photonautics on your “special blog” list! Although I have no clue about fishing, I do think we share the same passion for water/sea/nature/landscape…Have fun, and thanks again!

    • Christian: Right back at ya for listing my blog on your great sight!. Yes we do share the same passion.
      Love your monochrome…recent ones that stand out are: rd to perdition; still standing; one tree hill; and real favorite the aging sunflower shot. I’ll check in often. Again thanks for mentioning my blog on yours.

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