water bow

riv sheep




arc bow

big bow angle

back shot


bigb2 (2)

great bow1

ftbow2 (2)

cows back

bbrown 2

me fish

long riv shot

2 cabins


bigb2 (1)

head on

girth 2

tree coulee

bob fish


8 thoughts on “Gallery

    • Lornce/Silver Doc: Hmmm…I think I’ve responded to the B&W thing before. Glad you visit my blog, like it I assume but wish it was in color. There are thousands of fishing blogs out there in full color/colour that you can visit. I like B&W photos…always have, even as a kid, and I’m now age 62…still do. The austere looking places I like to fish seem to be complemented by B&W photography….at least through my eye. Glad you visit the blog on occasion. Are you the fly tyer who enjoys tying wet flies?

    • Mr N: Thanks for comments on photos. I’m an angler first and photographer second. Click when I see something that catches my eye; otherwise I’m focused on the water in search of trout. The locations I fish are stunning..SW Alberta has a unique look.

  1. Really enjoying reading your blog, I stumbled across it whilst looking for NZ self-guided inspiration. You take great photos – may I ask what camera setup you are using?

    • Dean: Thanks so much for comments on m blog: narrative, photos. It’s always nice to get feedback. When people ask me about my camera I have a private chuckle as I shoot with this little waterproof, durable pocket-size one: nikon coolpix. I’m an angler first and pic taker second. The camera is inexpensive and waterproof feature is a must. I’ve dropped it on rocks, in a river several times and it keeps functioning. I have a better camera that is not waterproof but never take it as when I do I’m always worried as weather where I live is so variable, slippery rivers, wading, etc. With the coolpix I don’t worry. I fish and snap shots during an outing when I see something that catches my eye…it focuses quickly. It takes pretty good fish pics too!
      Self guided NZ is very possible… after all I did it! Just do some research, pick rivers that are know to have fish and are running clear, use light to your advantage, walk carefully, and stay concentrated while hunting.
      Hope this is helpful and good luck.

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