water bow

riv sheep




arc bow

big bow angle

back shot


bigb2 (2)

great bow1

ftbow2 (2)

cows back

bbrown 2

me fish

long riv shot

2 cabins


bigb2 (1)

head on

girth 2

tree coulee

bob fish



5 thoughts on “Gallery

    • Lornce/Silver Doc: Hmmm…I think I’ve responded to the B&W thing before. Glad you visit my blog, like it I assume but wish it was in color. There are thousands of fishing blogs out there in full color/colour that you can visit. I like B&W photos…always have, even as a kid, and I’m now age 62…still do. The austere looking places I like to fish seem to be complemented by B&W photography….at least through my eye. Glad you visit the blog on occasion. Are you the fly tyer who enjoys tying wet flies?

    • Mr N: Thanks for comments on photos. I’m an angler first and photographer second. Click when I see something that catches my eye; otherwise I’m focused on the water in search of trout. The locations I fish are stunning..SW Alberta has a unique look.

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