This is a journal about fly fishing and more specifically sight fishing for trout with dry flies. I travel to streams, nearby and afar, just for that experience. My favorite angling occurs on the eastern side of the continental divide in the foothills and out on the high dry plains in coulee country. There is something special about searching for large wild trout in such parched, wind swept land. I live in SW Alberta in the heart of trout country. I also explore dry fly water in Montana and Idaho, and once a year sight cast to trout in New Zealand. I fish on foot, with my eyes and one fly…pure simplicity.

2 thoughts on “About

    • Gabriel: Thanks for kind comments on blog. I just discovered you blog, A Trout Ate My Homework. Great title and look…like the little A+ logo. You tie impressive flies. Also, like the fact to post a lot of film trailers…enjoyed recent Kootenay one. I’ll check in regularly.

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