Blur in the Coulee

“It’s down there. Down there somewhere in that coulee. The mother of all trout. A brand new Sage One rod for the first person who spots it. You spot it and I’ll catch it. I’ve got this cricket on my line. A black cricket. Look at those spindly rubber legs. It will be irresistible to the one with the big fins. It will fool him. I know it will fool him. It has fooled me. Come on let’s go way down into the coulee. It’s not as far as it looks. A Sage One. Hear that! A Sage One for the first person who spots him. I’ll flick a cricket at big fins. Well see what he says about that. I’ll flick a cricket with a shiny belly. I just have to get the right drift. It’s all about the right drift. If I get the right drift then all hell will break loose.”



sun burst

morning sun burst


rainbow trout on dry fly



water blur




rainbow trout on dry fly


I’ve had my share of difficulty in past weeks keeping the camera lens clear of water beads (splashy fish); thus the blur effect.





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