Hope That Dog Doesn’t Bark Tonight

“The dogs with the loudest bark are the ones that are most afraid”.

Norman Reedus



“Wow, the river is higher than I expected! Maybe up a foot or two. I knew it was up but I didn’t think it would look like this. I don’t see any bugs. Usually there are some around at this time of day. Maybe the bigger flow squelched the morning hatch. Sudden changes aren’t usually good, especially when it’s extra water being released. I’ll take consistency any day. I’ll always take low and clear. Then you can tease them up even if there are no bugs around. Spotting trout is going to be challenging. They could all be down bottom feeding. I’ll have to cover a lot of ground just to locate one good fish. I’m not into walking a lot. I didn’t sleep much last night. I’m bushed. Dam neighbour’s dog barked from 2:30 to 6:00 am, and then my alarm went off.  If that happens again tonight, I’ll call the Municipality. I’ll make a complaint. They get a dog and then tie it up in the backyard and ignore it. They don’t walk it. They don’t pay attention to it. They put it out back and tie it up. I don’t get it. It just sits there all day. It barks at anything and everything. It just needs some attention and care. It needs a walk, or a run. That’s all it needs. Ok, there’s a fish. He’s a good one; a big back on him. He’s moving around. Where did he go? Ok, there he’s over there. It’s the same guy. He’s really moving around. I better get something out in front of him fast before he moves off to deeper water; before he disappears on me. I need to get a fly in front of him. With these conditions I might not see another one all day. This is my shot. Man, I’m tired. My heart’s racing. I hope that dog doesn’t bark tonight”.


Some landscape and trout pictures from past two weekends walking the coulees…



rush hour traffic to river, prairie style

bigb2 (2)

rainbow trout on dry fly


big trout can bend hooks


left cliff

bigb2 (1)

cows back


rainbow trout on dry fly


rd home

road home



2 thoughts on “Hope That Dog Doesn’t Bark Tonight

    • Les: Like us, dogs have their phobias/fears! It is a sign of intelligence. I don’t think worms fear anything…well, maybe high water and robins!
      Combine (harvest) gridlock on prairie roads…yes, a nice rush hour. I spent many yrs in the real stuff having lived in a large city.
      Enjoy Fall.

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