Creekside Grass

Most of the streams I fish flow through arid sun baked terrain. The edges however are often lined with tall grass growth. They shoot skyward with the summer warmth, stream moisture and nutrients. These edges are places of life: waterfowl, insects, eggs, feathers, even the odd golden retriever…

Trout prowl the aquatic side of these edges. I often sit hidden in the grass and watch the water for movement; for trout. If you sit still long enough the flowing water and swaying grass become mesmerizing. Then a soft rise or flash of a feeding trout  wakes you up.

Here are some pictures of soothing creekside grass taken along the rivers I fish.

grass banks (1)



creekside grass


smelling creekside grass



feather found in streamside grass


big head

trout caught next to creek grass


sea oats


found along grass bank



creekside trail


eggs in grass

goose eggs in creekside grass



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