Home Water

crocus close


“I once gave up fishing. It was the most terrifying weekend of my life”.


Skwala! Not many around but enough to get some trout looking up. Bugs are always appreciated as this is a blog about dry fly fishing, and I need them if I’m going to have material; something to write about. I’ve been going out a few evenings after work looking for rising trout and also checking things out on weekends. It has been an early Spring in SW Alberta but my home rivers have been quiet. Usually I’m into surface feeding fish at the beginning of April. We are in the third week and things still aren’t under way in spite of the Crocuses being up; calves spotted streamside; campers running the highways; neighbours aerating their lawns; some midge flies in the air in the evening and even some olives riding the currents in the afternoon. It was the Skwala (a stonefly) that got the attention of a few trout on a local tailwater river this Saturday and I managed to hook several mid-sized fish. Here is a picture of the best one of the bunch.


oldman river tailwater section



riverside standoff



rainbow trout on dry fly



deer on crowsnest river





7 thoughts on “Home Water

  1. Latest favourite quotation…. ” There is a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore looking like an idiot.”

    • Les:
      I haven’t been out all week but last time on river saw no caddis…olives starting a bit. Looks like the Mo is fishing well and i have a green light after work today to go down and see if I can catch a riser. Suppose to be somewhat cloudy this weekend. Are you still having amazing days on your nearby spring creek? You must have a season/year pass? Thanks for dropping in.

    • Amos: That is a good quote. Thanks for sharing it and how true! Thanks for dropping in. I found another one the other day that I enjoyed. Of course there are a million fly fishing quotes out there. “Trout don’t rise in the cemetery so you better do your fishing while you are able to” – Sparse Grey Hackle

      • Bob, I had a winter pass, but the season has ended. Time to get reacquainted with some of our other waters. The caddis have “popped” in our neck of the woods and I’ve had a couple of nice evenings fishing. I’m half tempted to run up to the MO myself. I suspect that there might be an angler or two trying to tease the fish.

  2. Les:
    Fished the Mo this past weekend. It fished well. Lots of anglers around. Hope to post pics sometime this week when I get a chance. Read your Caddis on the Madison post..nice read. Mo had loys of olives and midges.

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