Up Sheep Creek Road

pothole rd

sheep creek rd

Sheep Creek road; North Picabo road; Kimpton bridge road; Spring Coulee road…and the list goes on and on. What they all have in common is they are dirt roads; back roads. Follow them and like the North Star or Southern Cross guide an ancient mariner, they deliver you to rising trout. All are in the middle of Nowhereville and Nowhereville is always a good place to be if you are into trout. Here are some photos taken while casting dries somewhere up Sheep Creek road.


rainbow trout caught on micro may fly, size 20


river side cottonwood shade


travelling light



run water


sheep creek rd, wet sock on dashboard reflection


brown glow

brown trout on dry

tree row

l brown

brown trout on dry fly


4 thoughts on “Up Sheep Creek Road

  1. There’s an old Far Side cartoon. A guy and his wife are out for a drive. The wife is holding a map labelled “nowhere”. Outside, a big wooden sign says “entering the middle.” I don’t think that they were going fishing.

    Good stuff. Can you still crawl into that tent?

    • Les:
      Getting in the tent is easy. Getting out at sunrise is a different story. i love farside cartoons and anything in the new yorker. Nice post and pics on the firehole day trip.

  2. The best part is getting the coffee pot going. Not burning the tent down is even better! Bad habit, I know, but I love watching the little blue flame and hearing the hiss of the stove in the darkness. Then the coffee starts perking. Geez, I’ve got to go camping….. Glad you enjoyed the Firehole post, me too!

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