4 thoughts on “Winter SW Alberta

    • Les: Quite cold here also. Snow around…some snow pack! December has been a real wintery all month. Just hiking for activity. The pup, well, fun but quite the challenge. Yikes! Well I only have one to deal with…not several like you, LOL. How is your litter doing? Sounds like you are keeping one and finding good homes (bird hunters?) for the others…
      Thanks for comment on pics.

      • We’ll definitely take the snowpack. Hopefully there will be enough to feed our rivers throughout the summer.

        The puppies? Well, some will start going to their new homes as early as next week. They have to be eight weeks old to fly, so, those going out of town will go the week after. And yes, they are going to bird hunting homes, my wife is particular about that. All of the new owners have had Brittanys before, so they know what they are getting into. We haven’t decided which to keep. Tough choice, they’re all cute.

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