The Best Way


Buzzing bees and dandelion flowers.

I now had confidence.

Confidence that I might catch a trout on a dry fly.

On a dry.

The best way.

So I went to the river.

Low and clear.

And I caught a Brown trout.

The first one of the season.

The only one all afternoon.

On a dry fly.

The best way.







8 thoughts on “The Best Way

    • Amos: I generally stay in Craig/Wolf creek area( towns). I often camp but if I don’t the best deal for a room is probably with Wolf Creek Angler…check their web page. A great place but more expensive is Crosscurrents fly shop in Craig. The have two rooms: brown trout and rainbow trout room and if you stay multiple nights they give a little discount. They have a web page.There is also a place called Prewett Creek inn that has a couple rooms priced liked Crosscurrents, a little north of Craig. There was a great motel, Badger Inn, with amazing rates in town of Cascade but a fly shop took that over so prices are probably higher now…but still there. If I don’t want to spend money and I have air miles I take a chain motel like Bestwestern in Great Falls or Helena and drive to Craig(30min) and fish all day then return in evening. Accommodations on the Missouri aren’t cheap even though it is in middle of nowhere…many people bring campers/trailers, etc.
      hope this is helpful.

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