The Price Of Gold

AN encounter with two young boys while walking my dog:

Hey, look at that dog! Mister can we pet your dog?

– Sure. She’s young so she might be a bit hyper at first and jump a little but she’ll be ok.

She won’t bite?

-No, she’s friendly.

What kind is she?

-She’s a retriever, a Golden Retriever.

How old?

-Just six months…still a puppy.

I have a Lab, a black one….called Bruiser.

-Labs are great dogs. Kind of like a retriever in temperament.

What’s your dog’s name?


Hi Abby…thanks for letting us pet her.

_No problem.

Hey Mister you know why they call them a “Golden” retriever?

-No why?

Cause they’re worth the “Price of Gold” ! (smiling with hand outreached in front of his face rubbing his thumb together with his finger tips).

-Hey, I like that. I’ll remember that. See ya.


Here are some riverside photos from past weekend:




rainbow on dry



skwala stonefly and crude impression




same trout












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