early summer, long days

Overheard at a Baja taco stand:

” You know why I love this place Frank? We’ve been here for a solid week and I haven’t seen one person wearing Lululemon! Absolutely nobody! And we’ve been here for a week”!

clouds wide

Some riverside photos from past two weekends in SW Alberta. The trout were caught sight casting, Pale Morning Duns, size 18 and 20…small stuff…and one fish on a beetle. The trick was landing them while an eight month old retriever new to the game was in hot pursuit.




riverside trout bum, trout chaser





tree old



drive back to mountains




2 thoughts on “early summer, long days

  1. Holy crap. Nice fish!
    BTW I think I’m the only guy on any river wearing Lululemon. Embarrassingly, it’s all I use. I must be pretty confident in my manlyness to wear such feminine clothes but I find it is the best for travel and function.

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