august fins

“August is like the Sunday of summer”


We’ve had some clouds, some summer storms, some sun and cool nights and therefore  river temperatures have remained alright even though the water is low. It looks like we might get through August without any angling restrictions. South of the border (Montana) the situation seems quite different.

I’ve been sight fishing small terrestrials and on one river Tricos; one of my favorite hatches. It’s a good time of year as a few trout are rising and the Blue Jays (baseball) are in the hunt for the playoffs. I want to see Jose Bautista hit a late game homer and fling his bat again…the best “take that!” moment in baseball I’ve seen in a long time.

Here are some river images from the past couple of weekends…I struck out several times but did manage to hit a few long ones…











round up










double trico



6 thoughts on “august fins

  1. Hi Bob, is the first time I visit your blog I feel curious to see a picture in color.
    It is that the cuttbow, obviously I imagine a hybrid between cutthroat and rainbow trout.
    Which of the types of cutthroat this hybridization occurs in your region?
    We do not have cutthroat in Argentina.
    As always, a great enjoyment to see your blog.

    • Humberto: There are a couple of rivers in my area that have the hybridized trout: Cuttbow. The oldman river tailwater section, which I fish often, has quite a few, and they are usually quite robust/ thick….they also occur in this same river above the dam. They have the faint rainbow coloring along their side but also a red/orange slash on their throat. Sometimes the rainbow coloring on side is very, very weak; and sometimes the slash is also faint…so you have to look twice: inspect closely. I’ll try and locate some color photos of them and send to you.
      Thanks for dropping in…

  2. Thanks Roberto! They will be highly appreciated.
    Another thing I wanted to say is that your fishing photos show a vast and infinite loneliness !, I confess that I had a misconception as to the “fishing pressure” in North America is concerned. I see your landscapes and are comparable only with Patagonia or Kamchatka, it is fascinating. You are blessed my friend!
    Finally, you saw the tremendous Eric Clapton salmon caught in Iceland?

    • Humberto: I sent the cutthroat pics earlier this week to your Hotmail address. Hopefully you got them. My region does in fact have a lot of angling pressure. The rivers I choose to fish often don’t as they are quite challenging(not easy), and you have to walk some…and they aren’t rivers generally where you’ll catch a high number of fish. There are rivers in my region that receive constant angling pressure but nothing in comparison to USA. Some rivers are drift boat friendly and therefore have a lot of traffic. I am lucky to live where I live, as you are in your region…plus you have al those rivers far south of you. Thanks for dropping in. if you haven’t received the cutt pics let me know and I’ll re-send. I’ll check out the salmon caught by Eric Clapton.

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