-38C, Dry Flies, Snow & Abby

Clear sky the other night made the deep freeze even deeper. Tons of snow, short days, tying flies, and hiking.










4 thoughts on “-38C, Dry Flies, Snow & Abby

  1. Les: The laced winged bugs are just a creation….no specific pattern. I tied a few and liked them (the look) so tied more. I’m tying them for NZ. Adams gray body, gray web wing material(lace) tied caddis-like, and med-dun hackle clipped on bottom to ride low, a bit of white on top for visibility. To be used on challenging fish…hopefully successfully, at home and away. I fished some well know rivers in NZ last yr that had already been fished for several months before I arrived. Quite a few fish were picky and could only be fooled with small stuff in spite of reading that “in NZ any fly will work”. My best fly was often an ant!

    • Douglas: Thanks for dropping in and comments on photos and flies. Read your Chasing Rumours post recently on blog, thewatercalls.ca ,and enjoyed it. Great post title. I read a very good travel-fly fishing book 2 yrs ago called, Chasing Rumour. About a fellow who travels to Patagonia to fly fish. Check it out. Happy NY

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