7 thoughts on “winter tying

    • Vic: Thanks for comment on flies…pics a bit out of focus. My camera not real good up close…or maybe just the photographer. Yes, a lot of tying for upcoming trip and for springtime at home, which is not too far off. Tying kind of keeps us in “the game” when everything is frozen solid… Good to hear you are also at the tying bench!

    • Jim: Thanks for comment on bugs. Yes we are getting close. Look forward to your Spring/Summer travels around Montana and elsewhere. Like those Yucatan/Campeche tarpon shots from this pat Fall. thanks for dropping in.

    • Les: We are expecting one to two feet of snow between now and Thursday night! Good snowpack…lots of shovelling. I think the ground hog was right! Good luck with the midge fishing on the creek…Thanks for dropping in.

      • Dang that furry beast! We’ve got weather coming our way too. Hopefully you’ll be spared the shovel work.

        Haven’t fished a dry midge since, well, I can’t remember. I’m really looking forward to it though. Maybe in a week or so.

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