the ponds

The rivers are high and dirty (run-off) so we fished the ponds which were low and clear. It was all sight-fishing with the predominantly blue sky above. We caught some on small terrestrials but did better targeting cruising trout with tiny nymphs. It was mesmerizing to watch them carefully inspect our minuscule offerings as we quietly encouraged them to eat. Most refused. A few were fooled. The ponds…


photo by roman

DSCN4921 (2)


DSCN4923 (2)

DSCN4909 (2)

trout released, photo by roman

DSCN4920 (2)

clear water


photo by roman

DSCN4919 (2)


DSCN4917 (2)



DSCN4916 (2)


4 thoughts on “the ponds

  1. Hi Robert,

    The trout in those ponds have a reputation for being very picky eaters. It looks like you did a pretty good job figuring out what some of them wanted. The fish are really healthy-looking. Must have been fun sight-fishing for them!

    • Vic: It was challenging. We did “figure out what some of them wanted” but many simply ignored our offerings. Small stuff, size 20, worked best, bead-head. Did best plopping it near them to get their attention but not right “on” as they’d flee. Being persistent helped.
      Thanks for dropping in. Nice talking to you earlier today.

  2. Bob, high water and challenging conditions in our neighborhood too. You did well. Splendid fish. Sight fishing still water isn’t all that different from the spring creeks, especially when the fish get picky.

  3. Les: I’ve been reading about high water in your region and elsewhere in MT. Didn’t get to the Mo due to high flow rates. Fishing a pond/small lake/slough is very much like spring creek fishing as you say…I still prefer water that flows a little but the ponds were good as not many angling options here…and haven’t had much chance to fish this Spring. I see you are” between hatches” on your spring creek….probably pmds will start in next few weeks down there. I’m probably going to have to wait til first week of july…maybe I’ll go pick Morels!!!Some big burns/fire from last yr..I think that helps. Thanks for dropping in…look forward to your summer posts.

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