Pale Duns

In the evenings trout are showing themselves by feeding just subsurface (bulging) and a few on top. The best summer time may fly hatch is underway: Pale Morning Duns (PMD’s). I’m finding some fish in areas where the drifting may flies collect…big back eddies and smaller slow swirls. I’m seeing fewer rising fish on the slow flats and on current edges as bug density is still not high. Here’s one of the nicer rainbows spotted rising the other evening…

DSCN4974 (2)

DSCN4972 (2)

clear water

DSCN4978 (2)

leaving the river

4 thoughts on “Pale Duns

  1. Hi Robert,

    You sure can’t beat fishing to rising trout. PMD hatches should really start picking up, now that conditions have improved.

    • Vic: Yes, nice to see some rising fish on the Crow. Was on the lower oldman today as flows dropped to 60…a few fish bulging in the very, very shallow riffles on emergers. Caught a few, missed a few. Like the Crow it is starting to “turn on”. Thanks for commenting. See you at the fly shop!

  2. Les: Abby is cooling her paws and waiting for a hook up. I’m sure the pmds will make an appearance in your region soon too. Good luck with the dry fly angling. Great pics on your last post. You are good with the camera lens. Thanks for dropping in.

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