casting dries under Beijing sky

August. Hot as “H”. A Sky full of smoke. Looks like a smog blanket in Beijing. It’s burning west of here. In British Columbia. The residue is drifting eastward. We had almost two months of it last year. To quote Yogi Berra, ” It’s Deja Vu all over again”. Cool, clear Rocky Mountain air… total myth. It’s a heat wave. Fires are burning. And I’m casting flies/fries under a Beijing sky.


smokey sky


on pmd size 18




river 10am


rainbow on pmd, size 18


cdc pmd size18




4 thoughts on “casting dries under Beijing sky

  1. Hi Robert,

    When it gets smoky like this, it’s almost as if as if it’s dusk outside all day. I wonder how this effects the fish, and if more bugs hatch on the river when this happens? It looks like there could be some rain coming toward the end of the week. That would be good. Nice fish!

    • Vic: Yes, rain would be welcomed. Good questions about smoke and fish response. With the lower light I think they are more likely to rise. Whether it can improve a hatch…one would think it would. That said, with the favorable smokey fishing conditions why am I struggling the past 2 days on my favorite rivers??? Going to change my shirt and hat…that will change my luck. The trout will respond. Thanks for dropping in. Good luck on your next outing.

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