The Hacklestacker. A creation of Bob Quigley. An innovative fly tier who is unfortunately no longer with us. Over time I’ve learned that his creations such as the Hacklestacker, Quigley Cripple, Film Critic and other patterns, can fool some very picky (selective) flat water trout. Here are some PMD and BWO Stackers all tied on size 18 hooks; with size 18 or size 16 hackle.

DSCN5378 (2)

DSCN5382 (2)

DSCN5379 (2)





2 thoughts on “hacklestackers

  1. I’ve always liked the looks of them, and have used a few. In tying my own though, I’ve never seen the advantage or much difference between a hackle stacker, and the same fly wrapped in front with a palmered hackle that’s trimmed on the bottom. The latter is faster for me and looks about the same from top and bottom, so I have stopped tying the stacker with its seemingly extra steps of forming a post, wrapping the hackle parachute style, and then pulling it over. Am I missing something or some advantage? Never too old to learn and change. Regardless, those flies will hunt! Sparse is good. So was Quigley.

    • Jim: I totally get what you are saying. I only tie stackers if I have time as like the look of em and have had success with em; otherwise when peeling off a bunch of flies quickly I do like you: palmered and clip bottom. I guess the later just has more stuff on the underside of thorax(thicker) with palmering whereas with stacker just the dubbed thorax is sitting in film( no lateral hackle) and all hackle high above suspending it. I guess you can make the palmered ones just as sparse on the bottom by just clipping more off bottom and sides, which I do at times. I don’t think most trout on most rivers care. So I don’t think you are missing anything…both ties hunt! thanks for dropping in.

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