post storm

DSCN5493 (2)

A big snow storm this week. Some melting occurring. Rivers still low and clear. Brief angling days for the dry-fly angler. It’s usually a 2 to 5 pm event.  This past Saturday trudged through the snow to the Crowsnest river. In the bright sun and low water conditions fished to some surface feeding rainbows on my knees.

DSCN5506 (2)

DSCN5520 (2)


DSCN5513 (2)

DSCN5507 (2)

naturals and an impression

DSCN5512 (2)

DSCN5499 (2)

DSCN5508 (2)

great flat water

DSCN5505 (2)

DSCN5495 (2)

DSCN5504 (2)

snowbanks show off the hatch


6 thoughts on “post storm

  1. And I’m complaining about some cold wind and a little rain! You are dedicated, and the results speak for themselves.

    • Jim: It was actually colder before the storm with wind and sleet. You’ve been doing well on the rivers you’ve been fishing, as usual. Sounds lie you are leaving the Mo and heading elsewhere. Can’t wait to see where?! Thanks for dropping in.

    • Les: Winter arrived early. Actually in September! I thought last winter was long….we will see how this one turns out. fishing here starting to slow down. Hope all is good.

  2. Roman: The fishing was amazing on this post. Every pool on Crow had one or two surface feeders…and with sun it was fairly warm. I went back out 2 days later, colder, no rising fish; no bugs.
    Trout in snow!…you are now a veteran!

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