Anglers are dreamers. The mind wanders off to a place. To angling possibilities. With the dream flies get tied. Specific flies for a specific place. For the specific dream. All possibilities contemplated with each turn of thread. Flies tied while dreaming…







10 thoughts on “dreaming

  1. For sure. Nearly every fly. It may be the best answer to the age old question of “why do you tie your own?” Maybe as much for the dream as to create the fly and fill the box.

  2. Jim: Nice to hear from you. I see you’ve already been out dry fly fishing and made some connections. Amazing for this time of year. Hope you get back to Flamingo coast for some tarpon fishing….if you do, look forward to post.

  3. Les: Yes, you are a perceptive man! I’m going in 10 days. Ever been? I’ve been tying a lot since early-mid Fall: flies on slightly heavier hooks. I’m slow at tying so been plugging away at it until recently. Now I think I have “all bases covered”….of course experience has taught me that that is never true. BTW, enjoyed your “20/20” post and look of the blog. It’s looking good, you tie nice looking flies!….Cold here, probably just as frigid south of the border. Thanks for dropping in.

    • Bob, considering our present freeze I suspect that you would like to have left earlier. I can sense your excitement. And, unfortunately, I haven’t been. New Jersey yes, New Zealand no. Maybe someday…

      As for the blog, I haven’t had a heck of a lot to say lately, so, I tinkered with the look a little instead. It’s kind of like rearranging furniture, same stuff, different place.

      Hope you have a great trip. Catch a bunch and take some photos. I’ll be looking forward to the resulting post.

  4. Hi Robert,

    The next best thing to being on the water is dreaming about being on the water. In the meantime, tying flies helps fill the void. Hope you have a good trip to NZ. You are leaving the Pass at a good time. It’s sure cold and snowy at the moment.

    • Vic: Thanks for comment. I am leaving the Pass at a good time! Yes, past week a reality check with sub zero temps. Hope it warms up here. Like the snow for snow pack and summer river flows.
      Enjoyed your S. Carolina photos part 2 on vicbergman.com photo blog. Favorites are “gettiing the shot” and “paddle boarder with trawler in background”…

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