small yellow flies

Local rivers are settling. Water temperatures are rising into the right zone and with that insects are making a strong appearance and trout are becoming much more active. I’m seeing a lot of the small stoneflies, especially hatches of Yellow Sallies. Here is a recent tie for the faster riffle sections: size 16.

And a tie for slower river sections, size 16.

Pale Morning duns are also starting. Like the Sallies they are light yellow/ cream in color. Some have a slight orange or pale green tint to them. I prefer this hatch as they ride the river surface for a fairly long time before taking flight. Trout can relax and sip on them.

The small fly hatches, unlike the big flies, tend to go on for weeks on end and some for months. They tend to be consistent and dependable. Last year  I fished Pale Duns from late June into late September on one of the local tailwater rivers. That’s reliability!

Catching a large rising trout on a small fly is always a real challenge and quite special when a connection is made and one landed. Here are a few taken on small dries…

4 thoughts on “small yellow flies

  1. Ruapehu Rocks : Thanks for comments on post/blog. Also, like your blog but haven’t had much time to go through all of it. Like banner pic of Kite and Snow. Looked up where Ruapehu is :North Island.
    Camera: I always laugh when people ask me about lens…my camera. I usually shoot with an inexpensive ,compact (pocket sized) nikon, coolpix model….waterproof that’s why I like it and durable as I’ve dropped it on river rocks and keeps functioning, etc. Tight lines!

  2. Hi Robert,

    It’s nice to see our local rivers are beginning to shape up. The runoff wasn’t too severe this spring, again. Hopefully, we’ll get some good hatches over the coming months.The weather has sure been up-and-down lately. Very unstable. At least we’re getting some rain. Enjoy those pmds!

    • Vic: Yes, our local rivers are in fine shape and run-off was moderate to mild. Easy on the fish and insect life. I remember after the 2013 flooding fishing was poor and also bug life.
      I’ve been seeing a lot of pmds, small stoneflies and lately quite a few big amber caddis, esp last couple of days on Crow. Similar hatches on lower waterton r.
      Weather has been up and down.! I do well on a river one day and next day with weather change I don’t….I prefer consistency but rain is good and will helpful when July heat strikes!
      Hope all is well at the fly shop….a lot of cars in parking lot….thanks for making a comment. Tight lines when you get a day off.

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