small flies

It’s September and it’s still all about small flies on the tailwater rivers I’ve been fishing all summer long. The occasional trout will grab a big fly like a grasshopper or dragonfly but most of the surface feeding is on the small stuff: PMD’s mainly, some size 18 and 20’s. This hatch is waning.

It has been mostly blue skies lately. No complaints as warm weather is always welcomed. Fishing is better on days with a mixed sky. Trout feed more actively when clouds block the sun and then vanish when the full light returns. Lately I spend as much time watching the sky as I do the river. Here’s a few trout spotted in early September.

size 18 Pmd’s

6 thoughts on “small flies

  1. Quality fish on those little bugs too. I’m headed north a week from today, and I’ll have the passport in the truck just in case! Might email ya.

  2. Jim: Look forward to your Fall tour and reports. Yes email if you plan on heading north. I’m around except week of Sept 28th to Oct 5th…will be on the Creek in Idaho.

  3. Vic: Sure you can!!! NZ too! Put a sign on the door…call Kevin, he’ll cover the shop. Idaho/Sun Valley is one angling destination my wife loves…the nearby towns are great for a non-angler, lots to see and do. Look forward to your next post: part 2. Nice chatting the other day.

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