4 thoughts on “ANTS

    • Lornce: Thanks for comment on Ants. Saw some ants patterns on Pinterest and saved them, then tied these up. Often tie the legs with hackle or small rubber legs but tried fine deer hair. While tying legs in they looked like tiny “Outriggers”. Wanted the body in the “film” and legs to keep it all balanced. White and black wings simply for visibility in different light situations. Sometimes tie a few with an orange wing for fishing them in a foam line. Pretty simple. I’m sure they’ll fool a few in challenging situations. Thanks for popping in.

  1. Good ants Bob!
    Once I wrote an article for a local magazine called “Linea 4” (en espaƱol por supuesto) and it was just about fishing with imitations of terrestrial insects. The heading was “Terrestrials, a compelling resource” or something similar.
    There, of course, the reference to imitations of ants had special prominence.
    Ants, beetles, grasshoppers and others, are very effective flies in our local streams. Even more in summer.
    Be fine!

    • Humberto: Thanks for dropping in. Yes, terrestrial flies do catch trout…in fact, some of my finest ones every season. I’ll try and find your article. It seems you’ve had a good summer of angling on your local streams and creeks. Nice photos as usual. I like the bamboo, medalist reel combination. Very classy. Also like that Pontoon Hopper fly!! Take care…be fine!

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