6 thoughts on “early season flies

  1. Hey Bob, Can I send you a newsletter from my Concierge clinic about reducing stress during these times.  I’m about to send one out to Family & Friends I hope you are well.

    Rick Hatashita

    If you forward this email, PLEASE remove all email addresses and forward using Bcc.

  2. Hi Bob, those should work well. If you want to go crazy you might tie some smaller. I’ve gone as low as 24’s, but, use 20’s whenever possible. I wish that I’d dummy up and tie some with black wings.

    • Les: Really a nothing pattern…usually clip the bottom hackle so ride low. I’ve been trying to post on your blog with no success….will try again. Liked the Travers post and pics of your local spring creek in most recent post.

  3. No worries Bob, same posting issues here. Web browser, spam blocker, who knows?

    I sometimes clip the hackle too. If it’s windy and I don’t think they’ll notice, I’ll grab an unclipped one. Also have a few with wings of poly, others with turkey biot. Fun to tie and a Dai-Riki hook box holds a pile of em!

    • Les: Poly wings are durable and if raining/wet hold up well. Yes, a tiny hook box holds plenty. When tying them I store mine in a small round old mucilin container…a snap tight Dai-Riki box even better. Have fun out there….

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