I was on the Crowsnest river this past weekend. Sunday was a rare nice day and warm. It felt like Spring! Some Midges were out in the afternoon, however, no fish were up on the section I was on. I even saw a couple of Blue Winged Olives at about 4pm. Just a few but promising. With no rises I started focusing on the river bottom instead of the surface. It’s a completely different type of looking. Through the river glare I eventually spotted a few dark shadows creeping along the bottom mid-pool. They would travel upstream six feet or so then drop back a bit, and then repeating the cycle. They were active. They were feeding. I managed one on a size 18 PT nymph with a cassette tape wing case and a small black beadhead. A dull fly; no shine to it. I landed a classic Crowsnest river rainbow. No hook marks. It was nice to be out sitting riverside in the sun. Nice to sight-fishing again. A new season.

2 thoughts on “sight-fishing

  1. Hi Bob,

    That was a great fish! I’m glad you were able to get out before the river started to discolor. Nice to see the crocuses are out.


  2. Vic: As you say “got out just in time”! Discolored water seems early. Went to the Oldman other day. Clear but super windy. No bugs all afternoon. Hope flows are still good for next weekend as would like to check it out again and get in some angling before major run off. Hope all is well. Thanks for posting. Hope your Shop gets to open for one more season.

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