early october

It’s winding down. Most rivers close at the end of the month. A nice weekend. Sunny on Saturday. Warm. Fished in shorts. Minimal wind. No surface feeding. The water looked dead. Lifeless. Late afternoon, when shadows were lengthening, I decided to sit and watch a pool. Noticed the occasional bright green grasshopper drifting by. Waited. Waited. Then a sizeable surface disturbance. Casted a small greenish hopper pattern…the only good fish of the day.


4 thoughts on “early october

  1. Eerily similar to my day today. Lifeless water, sunny and warm, watch and wait, one disturbance, one fish. Where are those clouds we need?

    • Jim: I’m enjoying the good weather but angling is slow. Yes, we need something to shake it up like a low front, cloud cover and even some rain. Funny, odd yr here. Really in comparison to past summers and Fall, very few bugs. I’ve seen one or two solid hatches in 3 months. Makes angling challenging. Good luck rest of Oct.

  2. Nice Trout on the hopper, the Fallen Timber and Little Red north of Calgary are low, did the last fish yesterday with lots of October Caddis on the water, a few trout keying on to them but the water temp is low with some fish lethargic till the afternoon. Managed a couple of 14″ Browns.
    Love this time of year with the fall colors.

    • Lornce: Nice hearing from you. Hope you are keeping well. Thanks for report on fishing and conditions just north of Calgary. Yes, Fall is a great time of year to be streamside. Great colors lately, in foothills and even on the Plains.

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