Doves and a Brown Trout

Doves were behind me in amongst the riverside willows and cottonwoods. Cooing while foraging the river valley floor. I never saw them. I never looked for them. I just listened while watching the water for trout. Their distinctive sound gave them away. Unmistakable. A mourning sound some say. A soothing sound I say.

It was the first real calm after days of howling wind. And with the stillness; with the low ceiling and low light; with the threat of drizzle; and with the sound of Doves, there was the possibility of rising trout. Maybe even a good one.

Doves behind me. Possibilities in front of me…

a brown trout on a dry fly

a wet dog (abby) on gravel bar mid river
a classic reel

7 thoughts on “Doves and a Brown Trout

  1. Hi Bob,

    It’s nice that the wind has abated and it’s nice to hear and see that the trout are looking up. Nice brown!

  2. Vic: Challenging angling weather this Spring. I guess no different than most yrs. Certainly a lot of wind….not great for hatch fishing. Need some 5x so will have to drop by fly shop. Hope all is well. Saw you working on shop steps or porch other day. Carol was managing/ supervising! Thanks for comment.

  3. Wow! NICE fish Bob! Hope all is well.   Still thinking about July. But. Well. You know how it is. 

    Stay safe.Rick

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    • Lester: I know Montana doesn’t have any wind! I keep looking for a Lester spring creek blog post and see nada! With retirement you’ve dropped your pen. I’m sure you are still fishing…Thanks for dropping in. Hope all is well.

      • Bob I wish that I could conjure up a juicy spring creek post, but the truth is…that my spring, spring creek season was a bust. It’s become increasingly difficult to get on, even with a pass. And, on the days that I did get on, I was usually foiled by the wind. Same story on the Mo last week, but I did catch a few nice ones. Here’s to hoping for better conditions going forward. All the best….

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