The heat is back on. The smoke is also back. No rain. No moisture. Things crackle when you walk riverside. The sky is an eerie orange at sun set. I’m casting small stuff on the tailwaters I fish. Big flies are generally being ignored. The trout are selective. I have been tying small emergers, size 16 and 18: A shuck of Antron or CDC at the tail; some wire ribbing over thread body for weight to break the surface; dubbing on thorax region; a white or black polypropylene wing at the head for flotation and most importantly visibility. I wet/saliva the shuck before casting. Here are some photos from my last few outings. Trout taken on the emergers.

emerger that fooled rainbow
smoke blocking sun
same rainbow
photo by Bruce Johnson

4 thoughts on “emergers

  1. Bob
    Just curious how the water temps are holding up on your tailwaters? Do you have to fish close the dam?
    They’re sure getting picky on you. Bows and cuttbows lately, where are the big browns?

    • Rick; Each tailwater I fish is a bit different. One, its flow is quite cold. Probably ok to fish for 4 or 5 river miles re: temperatures. Another one there is 4 km of water then a end due to First Nations reserve. At this time I’m fishing the first 3 miles/km of each. Our rivers have many more rainbows and cutts than browns,so a brown is a special surprise. Bob

  2. I planned my first trip to AB in the winter of 2020 to fish the Oldman, Livingstone, and the Crow. Border closing put a quick end to that. I opted against it this year not wanting to add any extra bodies to the Covid outdoor explosion. As it turned out it wouldn’t have mattered with border situation and given the smoke, heat, and low water I guess its just as well. Nonetheless I continue to intrigued by the unique combination of fantastic fly fishing opportunities and spectacular beauty of CNP region of AB. Maybe next year, but this blog helps me with a good dose of vicarious thrills.
    To me there is nothing better in the sport than hunting big individual trout with dry flies. You seem to have this specialty nailed down. Cheers!

    • Rick: Your plan is a good one. When border opens re-plan. It is busy here but there is a lot of rivers around and in BC. Low water, heat, or not …fish can be found. Summer is prime time but Fall can be just as good and less anglers aound. Weather generally very good but can get snow sometimes but not often…best shot at a good brown rising . Missouri river Montana also late sept and esp october can be spectacular…rising fish. Thanks for compliment on blog. If you come out send me note.

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