hollow-head roosterfish fly

A streamer pattern. I only tie them when I’m planning a saltwater trip and such trips are infrequent/rare, and therefore I’m not very good at it. Most of my limited saltwater experience has been spent sight-fishing the Sea of Cortez for Roosterfish on foot. I made four trips several years ago. Each trip of two weeks duration. That adds up to about two months experience pursuing Roosters which are the most challenging species I have ever cast a fly to and the most physically demanding and thrilling angling that I have ever done. Although I learned a lot about the Sea of Cortez and Roosterfish while walking the sand dunes and surf line of Baja, my time there in the grand scheme of things was brief. If North American Borders stay open I’d like to return, pick-up where I left-off, learn more and hopefully get the opportunity to entice a large roosterfish to take a fly that I tied. I’ve been practicing tying streamers on 3/0 and 4/0 hooks. Here’s one tied during the Winter Solstice that I’m pleased with…

2 thoughts on “hollow-head roosterfish fly

  1. Bob,
    That fly looks very attractive for sea fishing.
    Argentina has more than 6000 km of marine coastline in the South Atlantic. When I was a teenager I accompanied my father to sea fishing in the south of the province of Buenos Aires and in the province of Rio Negro in the Argentine Patagonia.
    He fished very well Corvinas, Pescadillas, Pejerreyes and even Sharks too.
    I always think of fly fishing in the sea (I never did), I am especially attracted to the different species of Pejerrey, a very beautiful and delicate fish.
    Maybe soon I will and decide to visit our South Seas
    Good luck and good fishing.


    • Humberto: I looked up images of a Pejerreyes….a beautiful fish. You need to retrace the steps of your father and childhood along the B.A. coast down to R. Negro and catch some. Hope all is well. Thanks for commenting. Feliz Navidad and Feliz Ano Nuevo!!!

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