road trip: midges, olives and browns

drift boats

SOME IMAGES FROM ANOTHER BRIEF ROAD TRIP SOUTH. I focused on a river section where I’ve had some of the best small dry fly fishing that I’ve experienced anywhere. It’s a shallow flat water section on a large river. In the Spring and Fall often there are midges in the morning, olives in the afternoon, then sometimes midges again late in the day. Insect life, a fairly calm day and low light conditions can bring out some fine brown trout. I hit it right on this road trip. On most days the weather was cooperative, and the small hooks (size 18 and 20) and fine tippet held.

flat water
midges on tent, riverside
olive spinners
brown trout
brown trout
size 18, bwo fly, hacklestacker
size 20 midge dry, fooled largest brown trout
brown trout
unused railway tracks great path to river sections
brown trout
fly shop
brown trout
shucks and spent flies
brown trout
drift boats
river guide

2 thoughts on “road trip: midges, olives and browns

  1. Hi Bob,

    Nice healthy-looking fish. Judging by all those shucks and spinners in that back-eddy, they have lots to eat there. I like walking the tracks around here to get to some good spots.


    • Vic: Yes, a lot of food; multiple food sources including scuds and giant crayfish. Trout have a daily buffet!

      Re: Railway tracks. Tracks are a nice way of getting around to access various river sections when available. Many of my favorite rivers, here and back east, have tracks running along or near them: used tracks and obsolete. Tracks and trout seem to go together…I like old bridges too!

      Thanks for dropping in.

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