late june

Most local rivers are still high but subsiding. We are in the tail end of run off. I visited two rivers recently. One that was low (controlled flow) and one fairly fast and high. I walked a lot and found a few nice fish rising. Hatches are starting. I saw some pmds mid-afternoon when things warmed-up; some small (yellow and lime sallies) and larger caddis; a few small western green drakes (flavs); some golden stones…

low and slow


rainbow caught on size 18 pmd
pmd hacklestacker
small western green drake
rainbow caught on small caddis fly
high and fast
healthy riverside grasses

6 thoughts on “late june

  1. Achingly beautiful photography per usual. Just got back from a few days at the Henry’s Fork. Hatches stunted from the effects of the rain last weekend and overall cold temps. The beginnings of pmds, the yellow and green sallies and a smattering of golden stones but no consistent risers, which spells doom on those hallowed waters. Your fish are amazing.

    • C of B: Thanks for kind comments on my recent post re: photos and fish. On angling outings I spend a lot of time searching for a few good fish; trout rising or lying in shallow enough water were I feel I have a chance to entice them to the surface. All visual. Not always successful….

      Our season is also late. And the cool weather and recent rain you unfortunately experienced on the Fork we also received… and it delayed things. I’m sure it’s quite daunting being on the Fork with few bugs around. Hopefully next time you return the weather is better and things click. Only fished it once but great river and region.
      I work part-time during the angling season at a great fly shop: Vic Bergman’s Crowsnest Angler. If you are ever in the area feel free to contact me or anyone else at the Shop for info on our fishing/rivers.
      Bob G.

  2. I really enjoy your blog because you are a dry fly angler after my own heart. You really do get it. I live in upstate NY and fish (hunt) on the Upper Delaware system for big wild brown trout and exclusively fish dry flies. We are kindred spirits in that respect. Your photography is icing on the cake. As luck would have it, my nephew from Vermont is getting married next August in of all places, Calgary AB. Ha! The destination wedding of my dreams! So, as a wade angler would I have a reasonable shot at finding some noses
    on the Bow? Big family wedding so I probably won’t be able to get out for more than a day or two. The Old man is my preference but opportunities will be limited. Thanks for any advice you can offer. And keep this blog cranking out some of the best vicarious thrills on the web.

    • Rick: Thanks for the great comments on my blog. It is always nice to get positive feedback after a post.

      Re: Bow river. I have only fished it a handful of times so have limited experience on it. People who fish it regularly and are consistently successful generally say” be versatile in your angling methods”. Makes sense but you can also approach the river with a dry fly eye and hunt. There are several great fly shops in Calgary: Fish Tales; Bow River Troutfitters; Out Fly Fishing;Iron Bow. Check out their hatch charts for August online. And call them several days before your arrival for up to date info…conditions. At that time of year the river is at its lowest…good for a walk wader. Temps ( air) hottest. Morning and evenings probably best for risers…like in NY. Bow has a good trico hatch so that’s probably an early to mid morning affair. Late evening/ night ,summer ,always a great caddis hatch into darkness. If windy in day…hoppers, beetles, ants…probably what you’d fish on Delaware. It is usually sunny and dry here in August; maybe some big thunderstorms some afternoons. If cloudy and rain then more risers during day… Google books on Bow…a good one is by Jim McLennan (sp). Get info on an easy access location from fly shop and map it so you don’t spend all your time trying to find access. If you Google map it look for islands, side channels or any character. The banks at that time of yr have weed mats along them…bugs collect there. You fish a challenging river at home; your skill set on delaware will serve you well on Bow. Good luck. Let me know what you think of the river. Hope this is helpful.

  3. Really enjoyed reading and looking through your blog! My wife and I came by the Crownest Angler last Friday and appreciated your help – we had a great day on that creek. Also wanted to let you know that the big river in Trout Town, USA is still fishing well!

  4. Denverbraun: Glad the creek day went well. Also happy to hear Trout Town is still happening. Next time you are in the shop please say hello. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Tight lines through rest of season.

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