” If a year was tucked inside a clock, then Autumn would be the magic hour.”

Victoria Erickson

FEW BLUE WINGED OLIVES SO FAR this fall. Consistent with the whole season as hatches in general have been poor. I continue to walk local Cutthroat streams. I’m still finding some late season afternoon rising fish. The searching and sight-fishing in the full sun has been spectacular due to rivers being ultra low and clear. The big stuff (flies) in the slow shallow stretches rarely get a response. I’ve had much more success with small fly impressions such as midges, tiny parachute patterns, hackle-stackers, small emergers and ants. Size 18 flies generally. In the low, slow water the trout are on guard and fairly selective. They carefully inspect all that passes overhead. Rises are slow motion events fully witnessed in the Autumn golden light. Dry fly fishing doesn’t get any better.

shallow, clear


autumn gold

7 thoughts on “Mid-October

  1. Great fish Bob! Beautiful colours on him. Nothing better than hackle stackers on a long flat pool. Sky finally broke with a little snow up here. Not sure if I’m brave enough to wet wade anymore. Almost that time to break open the fly tying box for the winter. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Daniel: Caught that colorful trout on a very clear river that we both like. It was between big pools in a relatively shallow area. Missed it on 2 previous outings…. got it to eat but no hook up 2 times. So returned a third and made a connection. Also been fishing above Livingstone gap with Bruce and Vic treated me to a day on Michel. Nice fish in both places. Drove to lower Oldman today in snow storm (no wet wading!) but no bugs. That might be it for dry fly season…we will see. Thanks for commenting. Hope University is going well. Yes, might be time to tie flies…stackers, moles, etc. Ha. Take care.

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