2 thoughts on “salt fly pattern

  1. C of B: Yes, neat fly. Had some success with it on recent trip. When I’d strip the fly (give it movement) the hackle would pulse…strong attractor. Best part was the soft landing and slow sink as I was sight-fishing in less than 2 feet of clear water and redfish would spook very easily. I tied them with small and some medium bead-chain eyes just to try and keep the fly balanced( hook up facing skyward) once it hit the water. It is a modification (a copy) on a fly called a Sabine Seaducer which I spotted on the internet, and liked, prior to my trip. I live a long way from redfish flats so have to copy/imitate what others have found effective in their region; on their waters. Must say, a very easy tie and I have a lot of hackle lying around being a trout angler. Thanks for commenting.

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