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Crab Recipes: Crab Cakes; Crab Imperial: Deviled Crabs; Classic Crab Boil…

Crustaceans. I saw a variety of them on a recent DIY saltwater fly fishing trip in late November. The sand I was wading was a whiteish-tan color. Many of the small crabs I spotted matched the sand bottom (coloration) in order to blend in. Creatures in nature tend to camouflage.

Below are some pale size 2 and 4 crustaceans flies tied with a tan/sand colored Furry Foam and weighted lightly (bead chain) for hopefully a soft landing in ultra-shallow water. I used a dime (coin) to cut out the body /shell shape. Although crab shells aren’t perfectly round, if Redfish can differentiate between a round and an oval shell then I’ll have to tip my angling cap to them!

There are many crab fly recipes out there. They range from super realistic to wildly impressionistic patterns. I picked and copied a simple recipe that required minimal materials, matched my novice saltwater tying skills and modified it a little to make it my own. I’ll have to cast the impressions on a future trip to see how they sink and perform when tugged along the bottom, and also to check-out their durability.

Ultimately it is the Redfish who will decide whether the crab recipe is a visually appetizing one, or not…

4 thoughts on “crab flies

  1. Les: Nice to see you are alive and kicking. You must be taking a holiday break from angling the Fork. You probably headed home to pick up your ice auger and are shortly heading back to Island Park to drill holes and resume fishing! LOL.
    Happy New Year…

    • Hi Bob, nowadays the closest that I get to ice fishing is by watching re-runs of “Grumpy Old Men”. I sold my ice auger years ago. I don’t need to tell you how cold and snowy it’s been since the beginning of November. So, now it’s a matter of waiting ’til the midges start up in March. And, I’m still pecking away at tying a few more flies for a return trip to Labrador.

  2. Les: Yes, tough winter so far…already 2 bone chilling cold snaps. Hope the rest of it isn’t as challenging.
    Tying some flies for Labrador. You must have had a good time as you are planning a return trip.
    Midges in March…sounds good and not too far off. I’m hoping to get down to the MO this spring if dry fly reports are good. Have fun winter tying. Thanks for posting a comment.

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