open trout country


PHOTOS FROM A  RECENT angling adventure. It’s the trout that pull you to a far away destination. Part of the tug is also the land. I prefer rivers in open terrain and when in New Zealand I search for that. They can be windy. They can have a lot of glare…but you might as well fish in places you like and the way you like…




wall chop



A Low Slow Swing

I fished my local tailwater river this past Sunday hoping to extend the season…and I did. It was winter like but sunny and that makes all the difference. The wind died down in the afternoon and that made things almost pleasant.

dist cliff

dist bird

The bugs are definitely gone. Long gone. I didn’t even see a midge so I casted a streamer with a 6wt and a polyleader. I managed several fish and a few good ones in the afternoon when the weather was best. I got them on a low slow swing…sweet chariot. I was hoping to connect with a Brown trout but only caught Rainbows…not a bad consolation. I’ll take that deal any day.


raptor in distance, probably an eagle


big bow

sw alberta rainbow trout


Here are a few pictures while fishing near what some people call the “Cliffs of Doom”.  They remind me more of the “Cliffs of Dover”; however, more tan in color than white. From river level to the top is at least 200 ft.

small bow

sw alberta rainbow trout