open trout country


PHOTOS FROM A  RECENT angling adventure. It’s the trout that pull you to a far away destination. Part of the tug is also the land. I prefer rivers in open terrain and when in New Zealand I search for that. They can be windy. They can have a lot of glare…but you might as well fish in places you like and the way you like…




wall chop



2 thoughts on “open trout country

  1. Hi Robert,
    The New Zealand landscape looks intriguing and inviting. I’m sure the fishing can be amazing, too. Some of the rolling hills and surroundings in your photos remind me of a couple places we fish around here. I’ve yet to experience a trip to NZ. Until I do, I will have to live vicariously through your photos and words. Thanks!

    • Vic: Yes, some of the regions I fished look just like parts of SW Alberta and the eastern slopes of Montana. Fishing that type of terrain was intentional. It’s the kind of countryside that I like walking and searching for that perfect angling opportunity/that perfect trout. There is a NZ angling author named John Kent who wrote The Book on the many trout streams over there. In it he also describes the regions and the type of terrain the various rivers run through. I check off and try to visit ones he describes that flow through open, rolling and “stark” territory. Must be in some way connected to my Scottish roots!
      Thanks for stopping in. Will drop by the Crowsnest Angler soon and say hello. I see many anglers are nymphing the Crow. Hope to get on it in early April.

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