Places and Landscape


In the About page of my blog I describe how I’m drawn to the rivers in the parched, windswept land of the high plains on the eastern side of the continental divide. Here are some pictures of the landscape I find so captivating, and where I often find myself hiking and sight fishing for wild trout with dries. The “catching” is always important but it is also about the sky, the serpentine water, the light and shadows, the wind, and the texture of the land. Places have an impact on us. Some places more than others. When you find a place that keeps calling you, you should go there. You go and spend the day, a complete day, where you get to watch the sun travel from one shoulder of the earth to the other. And you breathe it all in and it changes you. Maybe just a little. Maybe just temporarily. But it does change you. And at the end of the day when you retrace your steps home and slowly awaken from the spell of the place, you find yourself saying, “I want to go back”.

wide hay bales

tree coulee

Canyon Sept 21


st m rd




3 thoughts on “Places and Landscape

    • Roman:
      Thanks for your comment. I’m usually fishing in Montana by now, or locally, but the season is a little late…long winter. I hope to be posting some fish pics soon. I haven’t checked your blog in past couple weeks but will revisit it soon. Hope things are good.

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