Spring Equinox- Sol and Luna

Some photos while snow walking in the Crowsnest Pass on the Spring Equinox: Snowshoe trail; buried fences; a tiny spring creek one foot wide (no trout in it); deer hair capturing snow on barbed wire.

Winter still has a hold on SW Alberta and the mountain snow pack is deep. There will be a cool trickle all summer long. Sol and Luna are now equal (sun and moon). Sol will soon dominate and the northern hemisphere will have re-adjusted for fly fishing.

trail (1)

broad fence (1)


deer hair

broad fence (2)


2 thoughts on “Spring Equinox- Sol and Luna

  1. Overall, the snowpack for the entire front range (east face) of the Rockies is only average according to Environment Canada. The plains snowpack however, is much bigger than average.

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