Rural Western Scenes, Alberta

Some small town pictures and a few out on the open plains. Alberta is considered the richest province in Canada…however, the oil money doesn’t trickle everywhere.


riders on the storm, pincher station, ab



blairmore, ab



blairmore, ab


DSC00197 (1)

abandoned building, coleman,ab


DSC00189 (1)

roxy (abandoned), coleman, ab




summerview bridge, oldman river, ab



big trucks, bellevue, ab


6 thoughts on “Rural Western Scenes, Alberta

  1. Unfortunately, like many small towns, the Roxy hasn’t fared well. Southwest Alberta has many places with neat names. Pincher Creek, Crowsnest, Oldman (once famous for its bighorn sheep)….

    • Les: Didn’t realize my area was once famous for bighorns…I see them every once in awhile when snowshoeing or hiking. Sounds like it may have once been a hunting mecca for sheep.
      Yes, those names are neat. A couple of others I like in my region: Del Bonita, and Spring Coulee. North east of me is a town called Vulcan! Down near the Missouri, Wolf Creek stands out for me.
      Live long and prosper!

      • Back in the days of “way back when” southwest Alberta was noted for its bighorns. Many large rams were taken from Waterton on north. Andy Russell, one of your fellow Albertans wrote about it in “Horns in the High Country.” It’s a great read.

  2. Les: I’ll to track down, Horns in the High Country. Funny, I had a client yesterday who was talking about how A. Russell influenced him. I have met one of his son’s, Charlie, who is quite famous for spending time living with the bears of Kamchatka and has done films and books on the subject.

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