Dragsters On The Flats


lower oldman river

I managed to hit a local tailwater river after work the other evening. It is one of the few waterways in my region that has insect life. Some PMD’s were hatching and spinners falling. The river was low so it was perfect for searching for rising trout and trying to spot some good ones.



Most of the larger trout appeared to be on emergers. I fished a pattern that floated but had a dangling body (Klinkhammer style): deer hair wing tied forward for flotation; thorax dubbed a PMD yellow/cream color; rust colored body with gold wire ribbing to add weight so part of the fly broke through surface; an amber/golden shuck for the tail (zelon/antron). I spread some saliva on the body and tail to help it protrude through the meniscus.


The fish were on it. I spotted several nice ones while searching the shallow flats in a foot or less of water, and a few took me into my backing. Trout hooked in skinny water take off like a dragster. Here’s a couple photos of one of the fine trout I caught.


cutthroat on size 16 pmd

2 thoughts on “Dragsters On The Flats

  1. Roman: I feel that way when I come back from Baja after roosterfishing and read fishing reports from that region and see pics of great fish landed.
    The Lower Oldman is still producing late in afternoon and evening….it’s the place with bugs. I also caught a couple good ones on the sight fishing river and will post this week.
    Hope all is good.

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