Bucket Man

Overheard riverside (Bucket means river pool, slab is a big thick fish):

” That bucket was real good to me this morning. I took 3 or 4 slabs from it and then decided to leave it alone. I don’t like over working a bucket. This double nymph rig was the ticket. This stretch has a lot of good buckets. You see just up the river, up there, there’s another good bucket. And there’s one just downstream, just past the island. I’m heading downstream below the rifle range. There’s a couple of good buckets there. Looks like you are going to be here for a while. If you want we can meet later, around noon and travel in my truck to a river access spot even further downstream called the Dump. I can show you some good buckets there. Not a lot of people fish there. Could stick some real slabs there. It has 3 or 4 good buckets”.

-Bucket Man

distant shot



Here are some images from this past Saturday while sight fishing a river out on the plains. It includes several photos of two rainbows. They were caught on dry flies. I spotted them mid morning. It was a scorcher out there. Forest fire smoke started clouding the sky mid day. The river seemed to shut down by noon, at least for me. Bucket man probably continued to stick slabs all day!

dirty water



pelican skull



shallow flats where one was roaming


beaver skull




5 thoughts on “Bucket Man

  1. Simply amazing. From the looks of the country the river looks to be more of a home for catfish or sauger. Truly outstanding fish. Even an Alaskan rainbow would be jealous.

    • Hey Les: Read your recent blog post on The Ignorant Angler called 4 days 40 miles. A great hike and wonderful scenery and photos of high alpine lakes. I commented on your blog but it hasn’t appeared yet. Thanks for comment on Bucket Man. River does look like a catfish joint…water also lower than usual this yr as I’m sure it is in your region also. Thanks for dropping in. Look forward to your future posts.

      • Thanks for the comment Bob. Long one at work today, so, sorry for the delay in responding.

        Haven’t fished quite as much as I would have liked since the last post. Hoot owl restrictions are in effect here, and I figure the fish don’t need me giving them grief in the mornings either. Hope to hit a few more high country lakes before returning to our lowland streams.

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