“Excuse me while I kiss the sky”

-Jimi Hendrix


The room I get to play in on weekends is very, very large and it has a limitless ceiling; and it has rivers flowing through it; and if you search in the four corners you’ll find trout.

cutt2 (1)

cutthroat caught on size18 PMD



swirling trout caught on dry fly




rainbow trout caught on PMD spinner




rainbow on dry fly



road home

5 thoughts on “Sky

    • Les: Yes, still some Pmds on one local tailwater….which has been an exception. …All aound a poor season for hatches. When I read angling reports on the Missouri the situation seems similar….weak hatches, even weak Trico hatch which the Mo is known for. Thanks for dopping in and comments. Hope you have been enjoying summer.

    • Humberto:
      Yes, my region looks very similar to Patagonia and Pampas. I visited patagonia 20 yrs ago and then years after when I traveled across Canada for a vacation(fishing) in Alberta I said to myself “this is like argentine patagonia”. Thanks for comment. Jimi Hendrix “did have reason”. I’ve been checking your blog: achalabrookies; and enjoying the photographic review of your year, which looked like a very successful one…as usual nice pics of your beautiful small streams and of brook and rainbow trout. There is always the promise of “next season”

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