Overheard at a pumpkin bin:

“Look at all the pumpkins. You know they’re not just carving them anymore…they’re painting em too! They’re painting em! Isn’t that something?”

Here are some pictures taken while driving around and trout hunting the past couple of weekends. A tough Autumn for taking trout on dries. Few bugs. A real absence of BWO’s and a lot of wind. There has been a different hatch: jack o lanterns.


carving by r dewey







rainbow on dry fly



7 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Its been tough down south in the states too with scarce BWO’s and wind like you’ve had. Really had to pick the days, be patient, and work hard.

    • Lightline: Thanks for dropping in and making a comment. Yes, things have been tough around here…I can’t remember an Autumn with so few BWOs, or bugs period. October is one of my favorite dry fly months and it has been real dead. I resorted to throwing a streamer this weekend as nothing happening in the gale force winds. The rainbow in the most recent post was caught the previous weekend.
      Sounds like similar situation down south in the states, where you fish… but you are finding some fish. Good stuff.
      Hopefully Nov will be better than Oct. I usually drive down and fish the Missouri in late October early Nov and finish my top water season with some of the best angling of the yr. I’ve been waiting for a positive report but until recently little in terms of hatches. Seems like things may be turning so my have to make the drive as local action is poor.
      Again, thanks for dropping in. Nice cripple pattern in the photo.

  2. Hey Bob!
    I trust all is well. Nice to see you’re still getting out to the river. Not me. Well actually, i have been taking my boys on a tributary of the Grand called the Nith River. Very nice river with HUGE carp cruising, smallmouth bass, walleye and pike. We have only caught the pike and bass as the carp are to smart. Who’d a thunk it?! Carp smart?? I’d be scared to catch them as they are fat and at least 3′ long. Considering Sanabel Island in Florida in December. If you’ve been send suggestions. Take care. Roman

  3. Hi Bob. Some pretty creative pumpkin carvers out there.

    Wet snow here this morning. Like you, I’m still hoping to get out and chase a few hatches before things freeze up for good.

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