3 thoughts on “Eastslope Grasslands

  1. Hi Bob, nice pics…… Haven’t put away the dry fly rod, it’s always ready. The only thing that changes is what’s tied to the end of the leader. Just hoping for a windless day off when I can chase dimples.

    • Les: You are fortunate to have those spring creeks nearby so you can do that…my assumption being that that is where you chase dimples on a windless day. Good luck with that…post some of your successes! Nothing like that around here…have to drop down to the Mo in March for that opportunity and start a new season. Thanks for comment on pics.
      Ordered some saltwater tying material and investigating DIY bonefish locations…that should keep me in the fishing mode.

      • Right you are Bob. It’s mainly a matter of getting a forty degree day when the wind isn’t also blowing forty mph. I’m hoping to do some midging soon. ‘Til then, like you, I’ll be tying flies. I can hardly wait until the first PMD’s of June, now that I’ve declared myself a dry fly fisherman.

        Bonefish? Why would you want to leave Alberta in January?

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