River Walking and Clouds

A few snaps while walking one of my favorite trout streams and looking for an early season midge hatch and trout. No trout spotted but some great clouds filled the ceiling of my big western room.





riverside tumbleweed




late clouds (2)



2 thoughts on “River Walking and Clouds

  1. Danged midges continue to elude us, eh Bob? Picked up a copy of “Tying Small Flies” per your recent reference. Now I’ll have to get a copy of “Seeing Small Flies”.

    • Les: Yes, re: midges.
      I’ve been checking the Mo report daily, and waiting and waiting…so far nothing to make the drive worthwhile
      There was no wind here yesterday, and cloudy, some midges out and fish rising…all whitefish…hooked a bunch…saw it as preparation (no disrespect to whitefish), for when the trout decide to show.

      Thanks for dropping in…good luck on your local water.

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