Autumn, Rivers and Brown Trout


The wind last week was brutal, especially if you like fishing in open terrain as I do. I got lucky on a couple of days as a low front came in and it rained. Some blue winged olives and mahogany may flies made an appearance on my local tailwater, the Oldman river. Just about all of the fish were focused on emergers (eating just subsurface); few actually took on top. My standard dangling patterns weren’t very successful but I caught a few. I also connected with some fish in just inches of water on a terrestrial pattern I tie and call: the flat black ant.

Here some photos of old buildings taken on sunny days and brown trout caught when the weather turned bad and the fishing was good.



crowsnest river






Enter a caption


abby in the wind




ant pattern


oldman river


river valley old homestead

4 thoughts on “Autumn, Rivers and Brown Trout

  1. Like the ant pattern. The emerger is a play on the Quigley Cripple. Love those cripples! If they don’t eat it, try making it sparser, removing hackle and tail. Works for me.

  2. I can’t drive by an old building without thinking of its history and lives led by its inhabitants. Other than that, a splendid brown. And, no doubt, Abby is waiting for her master to fetch her a snack.

    • Les: Yes, Abby loves her treats! Thanks for dropping in. Really enjoyed your steelhead report from Idaho….catching a wild one as you did, in the area you fished, I’m sure is a real accomplishment an not that common. Good luck for the rest of the season.

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