landscape, dog and rainbow

The elements have been conspiring against the dry fly angler. The wind has been nasty. This past weekend it was howling. And the bugs…where have they gone? Maybe they’ve blown east to Saskatchewan or Manitoba , or even further, maybe Quebec. That’s where they’ve gone. They’re in Quebec. The blue winged olive may flies are congregating in some street side café, speaking French and discussing political affairs, and wondering what the hell is going on south of the border!

Some SW Alberta landscape photos, dog and a rainbow.











4 thoughts on “landscape, dog and rainbow

    • Jim: I hear you. While the weather was cooperative for you, you had a great run based on your blog pics on the Mo, Beaverhead, and those spring creeks….amazing trout. I still hope to get down to the Mo for a long weekend before angling shuts down. Thanks for dropping in. Always enjoy your blog.

  1. Les: So true, re: Jim comment. He cleaned up. On one of the rivers I fish up here there is an older fellow named Bruce. He fishes it just about daily. When I get a rise to my fly but a last second refusal/turn off, I always imagine the trout saying, “hey, no. no, no, no way, you’re not Bruce”.
    I haven’t checked your blog since the Steelhead trip…will check and see if you’ve been on the creek. Wind blowing today again…it may calm down tomorrow, so I’ll get a chance to get out for late season cast. Thanks for dropping in.

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