Cumulus Nebulous

My Oh My! October was a tough month. The most challenging one I can remember. Usually it is an outstanding time to be on the river. Some of the best fishing of the year. No such luck this Autumn. There were few BIG blue winged olives around. It was mainly just the small guys: size 20, 22, and smaller…the size of mosquitoes…no, miniature mosquitoes.


Finding rising fish was also a challenge. I searched and searched. I drove from favorite river to river. My local water simply didn’t produce. It was hard to find a target.


abby on home water


calm morning on side channel

So I headed to the Missouri river (the Mo). I usually fish it in late October early November. Often it serves up a sensational BIG olive hatch around the time the World Series is on. However, like my local water, the Mo was tough going. Just the mini olives were out and not that many of them. Finding surface feeders was like trying to get a rally going in the World Series. Hits were few and far between. It was a low score game. I kind of suspected it was going to be a challenge as the fishing reports from the banks of the Mo weren’t clear. They were cloudy. They were nebulous…they were cumulus nebulous!


So, I walked around a lot, took some photos and persevered. I lowered my expectations. With the fast ball pitcher on the mound throwing at 100 mph I didn’t try to hit it out of the park. I shortened my swing and just tried to make contact. I eventually caught a few good rainbows on tiny dries; a simple little hackle pattern, clipped on the bottom to ride low…a half hackle. A photo of it turned out blurry. As I said October has been a tough month.

Looks like the season is done. Someone’s dimming the lights but I’m not ready to go home. I’m going to have to book a winter angling trip somewhere…


beautiful anglers path







railway path along the Missouri



early morning craig, montana


riverside deer prints


another side channel

9 thoughts on “Cumulus Nebulous

    • Jim: Yes, the Mo usually has fish somewhere.
      l plan on going to NZ. However one year soon will connect with you about a tarpon trip to flamingo coast/mex as see you make a yearly trip there…I have a few friends who would be interested in that type of angling and it seems affordable, considering it is tarpon angling…I have checked out your blog photos of tarpon caught on trips…great looking fish/ and angling style. Out of Calgary can get to Merida easily. Will check your blog to see if you do a winter trip there or elaswhere.
      If you have any questions about trout fishing my region, please feel free to inquire at:

  1. Love those paths, they all lead somewhere inviting. Sure it’s been a tough month, but it would have been even tougher if we couldn’t have got out. The olives have been scarce here too……

    • Les: Re: Paths. Nothing better than walking one of those paths to a river and anticipating the possibilities of the day ahead. You really couldn’t sculpt a more perfect walkway…
      Olives are scarce! On the Mo my back up plan is midge fishing in the morning but even the midge activity was below par. Oh well, as you say it’s good to get out. Good luck on your creek for remainder of Fall. Thanks for stopping in.

  2. Big BWO’S absent on Bow too.. I think the little ones are actually Pseudocloeons. Bitch of a hatch to fish. Some nice November though. Try lakes. Boatmen still going strong.–Amos

    • Amos: Thanks for update and info on the Bow. Yes, the little olives are pseudos/pseudocleons…and they aren’t an easy hatch as you say. Sounds like lake fishing has been good for you! November has been mild.
      Thanks for stopping in.

    • Amos: It seems few big olives everywhere…even the Bow as you say. The little ones are psuedos…..and they are a challenge. Sounds like you are fishing lakes and doing well. Thanks for the tip. Nov has been a nice month(mild). Thanks for dropping in.

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